Fashion Consultant

Every woman has her own style and "look" which gives her a unique advantage. This look should define her both personally and professionally.

Roseann is able to create for you that look while maintaining the style of all of her clients.

Imagine having you own confidential fashion consultant to help you with your look for every occasion and make you look your best!

Roseann will examine your wardrobe and advise you on upgrading outfits and altering any clothes that need to be adjusted or fitted in the case of size changes.

Roseann will be there in case of your career change or just when you feel the need to change your look.


Roseann will be there as your personal advisor imparting to you the extensive benefit of her fashion and style experience.

The personal service cost is billed at $60 per hour for consultation at her shop and $75 per hour at your residence or office ( with a 2 hr minimum).

All fittings will be included in the hourly rate however alterations resulting from consultations will be a separate charge accordingly.

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