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Roseann Alick is a professional and qualified fashion advisor.

As a young girl, Roseann was always fascinated with clothes. She was intrigued with the way they looked and the way they were made. This interest grew in to a serious passion, and by the time she became a teenager she knew exactly what she wanted to do professionally. She was continuing in a tradition of the family as both her mother and aunts were very fashion conscious and made much of their own clothes.

Roseann was particularly keen on learning the construction techniques and the science of making clothes on both the personal and mass marketing scale. After graduating from The Berkeley Institute she went to The Bermuda College to study fashion design and construction.

While studying she went to work at the premier ladies retail shop in Bermuda, Cecile's which featured the very best in designer clothes from all over the world. This provided valuable experience in customer relations and getting a good sense of the Bermuda fashion market.

To complete her education in the fashion industry and to understand the global marketing trends and technology development, Roseann obtained an Associate Degree in Fashion Marketing from Berkeley College in White Plain's in New York. Then she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Marketing from the American College in London.

She then returned to Bermuda and then started her own business, R.E.A. Fashions to meet the needs of the women in Bermuda.

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion business she provides a unique perspective as a consultant and a seamstress, able to do difficult alterations. She also offers retail clothes that are exclusive and often one of a kind.

Having travelled to Paris during her fashion studies as a part of her course and having lived in London while completing her Bachelor's Degree, Roseann brings both a local and international perspective to her trade. She gained valuable retail experience working as an intern at Michelle Harrison's in the Atlanta Apparel Mart; Atlanta is one of the newest and exciting emerging fashion markets.

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